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from May 23, 2010

Finally Made It To John and Jess's

Sorry for the late post. I drove across Virginia (the long way) yesterday to get, finally, to my destination.

I started off in the mighty metropolis of Wytheville, Virginia, “The Centerville of the East.”

Exciting Downtown Wytheville

It was weird. Everyone was doing a southern accent. I don’t know why. Maybe practicing for a town play.

There was rain all the way, which might have been a good thing. Due to all my top-down driving, my tan level has gone from “swarthy” to “arrest on sight in Arizona.”

Every onramp in Virginia has a big “no left turn” sign near the top. And I wonder what rash of people driving up onramps and then turning the wrong way onto the freeway led to this situation.

But eventually, I reached the northern, non-real part of Virginia, and my destination.

Local Denizen

John and Jess have a nice house in the quiet suburb of Fall’s Church. Or is it Falls’ Church?

Of course, John is unemployed and Jess greeted me at the door literally barefoot and pregnant. They really have gone native since moving back from L.A.

As for the kids, right now, the Genius Amazon is re-arranging the kitchen chairs. Eldest is listening to a book on tape. “Tape” is a kind of non-digital recording/playback medium. Oh, these wacky backwoods folk.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think the Genius Amazon just asked for her sippy cup. Or a city cop. Hard to tell.

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