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A friend of mine on MySpace (and in the real world) recently wrote a blog (on MySpace, not in the real world) complaining that a message he’d posted had been summarily deleted without warning. The post was about having a party when Bush dies. He was upset that this was the internet, dammit, and was supposed to be free, and who had the right to delete his message??? This was my reply…

This is not the internet. This is MySpace Inc., a division of NewsCorp, also known as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. You are entitled to absolutely no freedoms here, except the ones that the corporation and its lawyers deign to give you. The publicists for MySpace have done an incredible job. They’ve convinced large portions of the general public that it’s the Web 2.0, it’s totally free, totally open, and anything goes. This is simply not the case. It’s a company started by a spammer who saw an opportunity to sell to teens. It was bought by the largest and most right-wing media conglomerate on the planet. It’s TheirSpace. They just let us post because everytime someone looks, they sell more ads.

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  1. John Judy says:

    “But… but, ‘s got thuh ‘lectr… lectrolytes a body craves….”

    This will only make sense if you’ve seen “Idiocracy.” So see it.

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