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Until the Sun burns out

A friend wanted to make sure something I posted for her would be up for a while. I said it would be up “until the Sun burns out.” She asked me, “Will the Sun really burn out one day?” And … Continue reading

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The New Six Degrees

The new version of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” is “Six Degrees of Being Fondled by Andy Dick.” (And if you know me, you’re only one degree away…)

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Demon Sheep vs. Pink Floyd

You might have seen the unintentionally hilarious “Demon Sheep” ad put out by Carly Whatsername on YouTube. But here’s a version with a much better soundtrack:

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Xtian Rap Takes on the Threat of Too Much Bodily Contact

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but this exists… Gimme Dat Christian Side Hug – Watch more Funny Videos

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