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Hatsune Miku Will Never Have To Go To Rehab

This did not just come out, it’s actually been around for a year or two. But I can only write about these things once another internet curator or Facebook friend brings it to my attention. Here is Hatsune Miku. It … Continue reading

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A Random Pile of Found Fan Art

A friend of mine (and the best improv teacher working today,) David Razowsky, posted this picture on Facebook:     Nice! It started me on a quest across the internet to find the source of the image. After hours of … Continue reading

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The Outpost

Back in May, when the shuttle Endeavour was docked at the space station for the last time, there was a crew change. Three members of the station’s Expedition 27 were going home in a Soyuz capsule. As they departed, they … Continue reading

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