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from May 16, 2010

A quick jaunt on the first day

Okay, first day’s drive. 4 hours, average speed: 85mph, mpg: 28.9.

Bye, L.A., see you soon!

Slathering myself with sunscreen seems to have worked, even with my drive through the 99 degree desert heat.

The long, mostly-not-winding road to Vegas

Even setting the cruise control at 88 mph, I still had lots of people passing me. I’m sure Vegas would be happy to know that people are trying to get there as fast as they can so they can lose some money.

The fun begins right at the border

There’s this huge block of hotels right over the Nevada border. But at that point, you’re only 40 miles from Vegas. So why would anyone stop at these dumps?

Looking south down the strip

I was surprised at how long it took to get through the checkin line and get a room. But it’s pretty nice. Treasure Island has always been good to me.

I just came back from an early dinner. I ordered fish and chips and was given a huge platter that in L.A. would be described as, “For two.” Plus a side salad that was really a house salad. There was a time when I could have torn through it all, but to tell you the truth, watching the cavalcade of Mid-western Humans walking by the coffee shop really curtailed my appetite. Now I have a giant box of fried food here in the room. I think I might just leave it.

Vegas is slowly becoming more civilized. Smoking is no longer allowed in restaurants or the lobby. Of course, the casino is still a pit of gagging smog.

It’s still hot outside. If it cools down later, I’ll wander down the strip and see a couple of sites.

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